Oakland RideShare Program
Oakland SavesOakland RideShare Program

Oakland RideShare Program

With the continual inflation of gas prices, Oakland County is providing employees an opportunity to participate in Oakland County's RideShare initiative.

Oakland County employees can use an interactive map to find other employees who live nearby or along their routes to work. By logging on to a secure web application designed specifically for this program, employees can enter their Employee ID to opt-in to the program. The Employee's work phone number appears, associated with the pinpoint location on the map, so that potential rideshare partners may be identified and contacted.

Oakland RideShare puts the power of the County's Geographic Information System (GIS) to work by connecting employees heading the same way to work.

By carpooling, employees will save potentially hundreds of dollars each month. According to the American Automobile Association, the average cost to drive a car in 2013 is 60.8 cents per mile. This includes gas, oil, maintenance, tires and depreciation. For a 40-mile, round-trip commute, this comes to $24.32 per day, $511 monthly and $6,129 annually.

Carpooling offers several advantages, besides fuel cost savings. Those include less stress commuting to and from work, less need for parking, less traffic congestion, and allows the rider(s) more free time.

To access the Oakland RideShare application, County employees can login here.  For further information, please contact the Service Center at 248-858-8812.


SEMCOG Michigan Rideshare 
MiRideShare has served Southeast Michigan commuters since 1980 with a no-cost, safe carpool matching program. An additional benefit of this program is the Guaranteed Ride Home program (also free), that will give you the flexibility to get home in an emergency.

Connect for free in five easy steps.

Join a free worldwide carpool and ride-matching system or start a carpool group for your company, school or community.

MDOT Department of Transportation 
The Michigan Carpool Parking Lot Program.

Calculate the cost of your commute.

Meijer Offers Part of Parking Lots to Carpoolers
In a state-wide initiative, Meijer retail store is offering
 free parking space to drivers interested in carpooling. Parts of the big parking lots at six Meijer stores statewide will be available for folks looking to save money by sharing rides. Signs the state is putting up on freeways will alert drivers to the locations, as well as which parts of the parking lots are offered to carpoolers. In Oakland County, carpoolers can park at the Meijer in Auburn Hills at 800 Brown Road.